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Portuguese  TV (Satellite)
Probably the best way (apart from living in Portugal) to learn the language is to watch nothing but Portuguese TV.  This is possible in the UK and costs about £240.00.  You will of course need to pay a monthly subscription.  This is quite a bit cheaper than Sky at the time of writing.

With the top package not including premium individual channels you currently get a total of 65 channels, of which 36 are in Portuguese.  [plus 13 radio stations] This includes the four terrestrial channels.

However, there is no need to get the most expensive package.  The smallest package costs around €15.50 euros per month.  This is more than adequate as it includes the four terrestrial and a rolling news channel as well as more.

The menus on the TV Cabo PowerBox can be set as English, which you can ask your installer to do.   I can not recommend any particular installer here.

If you can read Portuguese, you can find out about the various packages directly from the TV Cabo website listed here.  If not, you can read my list HERE.

There are three main packages available (other than sport/premium channels).

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